Stand-Alone Site erstellen

If you would like to discuss the possibility of myclimate setting up a stand-alone site for you, please feel free to contact us at

A standalone site lets you customize the content to your liking.

Case Studies


Lufthansa’s compensation site utilises design elements and color schemes from the main Lufthansa site. The site also has a number of informative pages detailing Lufthansa’s efforts in corporate responsibility, a navigation and footer section.

Lufthansa's compensation site


The compensation site of Zeromission, myclimate’s partner in Sweden, incorporates a custom design and offers it’s visitors a number of myclimate calculators with which their emissions can be compensated.

Zeromission's compensation site


Kuoni’s compensation site has a custom design, flight and cruise calculators, a custom portfolio as well as some custom pages and a navigation menu.

Kuoni's compensation site


Standalone sites are built to your specifications by myclimate, allowing several customizations to be made.


As well as optionally including myclimate’s default style sheet, your standalone site can also include custom style definitions in order for it to better reflect your existing online presence. These definitions can either be supplied by you or myclimate.

.menu {
  li { display: block; background: #ddd; } { display: block; background: #aaa; }


Standalone sites allow for the creation of additional pages on top of the standard pages required for a compensation. The content of these pages is under your control and can include any extra information you would like your customers to see. For example:

  1. Corporate responsibility

  2. FAQs

  3. Contact, Imprint and Disclaimer


Standalone sites can have their own dedicated layout, which allows content to be displayed on each page of the compensation process. Example are:

  1. Menus with links to external pages and/or site-specific pages

  2. Footer sections

  3. Headings and Banners


In addition to fully-fledged pages, standalone sites allow for the integration of leading and closing text on the calculator and portfolio pages themselves.


Standalone sites enable the integration of one or more of myclimate’s compensation calculators, each of which can be linked to from a custom menu section.


Both the international and german iframes come with a predefined set of portfolios into which your customer’s compensations will flow. Using the standalone solution gives you more flexibility here, enabling you to specify which portfolios you deem to be most appealing to your business and or your customers.


You have full control over the languages which your standalone site should be available in to your customers.