API Integration by Edelweiss
The airline Edelweiss uses the myclimate flight API to calculate carbon emissions and enables their customers to offset their flights while booking their ticket.
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flyedelweiss.com uses the myclimate flight API to calculate carbon emissions of their flights. The passengers are able to inspect the emissions caused by their flight and may offset them while buying their ticket. The offsetting is tightly integrated into the booking process of Edelweiss and only takes the passengers a few clicks. There is no need to visit an external website and enter the same information multiple times (e.g. payment data).

User flow for offsetting while booking a flight ticket

Using myclimate APIs allows a flexible integration in any of your applications. Among other information, every calculation API returns the emissions and the offsetting price.

As an example, the common integration in travel software is outlined below:

  1. Our partner's software sells flights, car travels or cruises.
  2. For every such travel, our partner's software calls the myclimate API. In the case of flights, the departing as well as the destination airport need to be provided to the API. More optional parameters are available such as number of passengers or flight class. The API then calculates the carbon emissions and returns them along with the offsetting price. These returned values can be cached up to one month, so that it is not necessary to call the myclimate API again for the same input parameters.
  3. Our partner's software displays the carbon emissions and the offsetting price to the user.
  4. The user is able to book the offsetting within the partner's software.
  5. Our partner's software stores all booked offsettings and the linked payments.
  6. Regularly, our partner transmits a list of all offsets to myclimate. The list is anonymous and does thus not contain any person identifiable information.
  7. myclimate sends an invoice to the partner.