myclimate offers their carbon calculators as whitelabeled solutions.
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Your own whitelabeled website provided by myclimate. Choose which carbon calculators are integrated. It is possible to add further pages with custom content, as e.g. to detail your climate initiative and the partnership between you and myclimate.

myclimate provides the hosting and maintenance of the microsite. The microsite will be available at a subdomain of myclimate.org, e.g. at yourcompany.myclimate.org. You are free to link your own domain to it, such as www.yourcompany-shapes-our-future.com.

What can be whitelabeled?

To ensure the development of a sustainable website, only some parameters of the website can be adapted to your design and requirements. If these circumstances do not meet your needs, it is possible to integrate our web calculators into your own website. Please contact us if you would like to do so.

The following parameters can be adapted:

  1. Your logo in the header
  2. Header/hero images (1200x517px in size)
  3. Font
  4. Primary color (used for links, buttons and titles)
  5. Custom pages, e.g. to detail the partnership between you and myclimate

Parameters of a microsite, which can be whitelabeled, shown on an example website