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Calculating carbon emissions

myclimate offers several online calculators which are accessible from the web or technically via APIs. Our calculators are used in case of complex calculations or variable products (such as driving your car a variable distance). If you fabricate a standard product or offer a standard service, we might be able to calculate fixed carbon emission per product or service unit. If you want to calculate carbon emissions of your company, please contact our consulting & services team instead.

Contribute to climate protection according to your carbon emissions

Depending on your specific product or service, there are different strategies to contribute to climate protection. The easiest solution is to link to the myclimate web calculators. It is possible to either specify calculation parameters or directly carbon tonnes in the link. If you have a booking flow, you can integrate the climate protection contribution into your own payment process. Customers pay the contribution as part of your product or service and you track how many contributions have been made in total. You regularly settle the total amount with us. If your product or service has a complex carbon emission calculation or is variable, you can use our API for the calculation within your booking process. Products or services with fixed carbon emissions do not need an API. The tight integration in a booking flow is preferable, because linking to our calculators requires the customer to enter billing and payment details.

Analytics & Reporting on contributions

If you link to our calculators, we offer analytics and reporting. We can tell you how many users visited our web site and how many of them contributed to climate protection.

If you are unsure which product fits you best, have a look at our scenarios and contact us.