Links to our calculators
Link from your website, an email or a QR code to our web calculators to allow your customers to calculate their emissions and contribute to climate protection! myclimate offers payment management and provides a confirmation document to the user.
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Link to all our calculators

You can link to our portal site containing links to all of myclimate's calculators:


Links on offline media

Do you create printed media or signage and would like to link to our calculators? Use a QR code to provide a mobile-friendly link. Users can scan the code to open the calculator on their mobile phone without the need for typewriting.

Link to one of our calculators

We offer different variants to link to specific calculators. Depending on the integration, the booking flow is shortened for the user. Use a deep integration, which takes the user directly to the checkout process, if you already know all values for the calculation of the product (e.g. to calculate the emissions of a specific flight). If you are unsure which emissions the user wants to calculate or you only have partial calculation data available, you can still link to the calculators. The user then needs to enter all required and missing values for the calculation manually.

Refer to our link generator to find out how to build the different links.


Easily link to specific calculators to raise awareness about carbon emissions to your customers. No information is prefilled into the calculators. You can choose the initial language of the calculators.

Link & Prefill

Link to our calculators and prefill certain input values required for the calculation. You can choose to prefill all input values or only some. For example, if you offer flights from Zurich Airport, you can prefill the origin airport as Zurich.

Link & Calculate

Prefill all input values required for the calculation and automatically calculate the carbon emissions, so that the user immediately sees the calculated carbon emissions. The user is not able to change the calculation parameters.

Link & Contribute

This variant takes the user one step further, directly to the payment.

Link to our contribution calculator

Allow your customers to contribute shaping the future of our planet exactly how they want to, either by donating a monetary amount or contribute to climate protection for a specific amount of carbon tonnes.

Analytics & Reporting

Track your conversion rate, the total amount of climate protection contributions, or track individual transactions.